Schola-related Spring, Summer, and Autumn Events 2006

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1)  May 13 -- Mr. Callihan speaking at Mary Abraham's (Schola '01-'06) graduation, Springfield, OH.

2) May 16-June 2 -- Schola Aegean Tour (Greece and Turkey, co-led by UNC Charlotte associate professor of Classics, Dr. Dale Grote (author of the excellent Study Guide for Wheelock's), and Wes Callihan of Schola Classical Tutorials.

3)  June 16-17 -- Mr. Callihan speaking at Ancient Paths: A Conference on Classical Christian Education, Middleborough, MA. Follow link for contact information. 

4) June 26-30 -- Latin In A Week in Bluemont, VA (instructor Wes Callihan). Contact Schola (  for information.

5) July 17-21 -- Latin In A Week -- Sponsored by Veritas Academy  (instructor Wes Callihan) Contact Veritas for information on fees and registration)

6) July 31-August 12 -- Hill Abbey

7) Credenda/Agenda's Second Annual Trinity Festival (follow link for information)

8) August 28-September 1 -- First week of Schola classes (see Schola's academic calendar)

9) November 3 -- Mr. Callihan speaking at Good Shepherd School's Annual Fund Banquet, Tyler, TX.


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