Schola-related Spring, Summer, and Autumn Events 2005

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1)  February 25-26  -- Providence Classical School's Classical Christian Education Conference in Spring, TX (suburb of Houston).  Wes Callihan will be the keynote speaker. Topic: Pursuing Wisdom in a Credentials-Based Culture. Contact and other info on the website. See also Providence's school website.

2) May 6-8 -- Mr. Callihan speaking at graduation for Schola graduates Stefni Colle and Bryan Bartell in Ponca City, OK

3) May 17-June 3 -- Schola Greece Tour, co-led by UNC Charlotte associate professor of Classics, Dr. Dale Grote (author of the excellent Study Guide for Wheelock's), and Wes Callihan of Schola Classical Tutorials. *EVENT PAGE WITH PHOTOS*

4)  June 13-17 -- Latin In A Week in Sacramento, CA (instructor Wes Callihan; contact, immediately followed by....

5) June 17 -- Northern California Schola Ball. Students from other tutorials are welcome as well as those who have attended previous Steps in Time Balls, and all participants in the Sacramento Latin In A Week (#4 above).

6) Third Annual Southwestern Conference for Classical and Christian Schools, sponsored and hosted by NorthPark Christian Academy in Santa Clarita, CA. Wes Callihan will be speaking.

7) Pittsburgh Schola Rendezvous, July 16, at the Zaiser home near Pittsburgh, PA. A one-day gathering of Schola students and families for fun, food, and conversation. There will be a minimal fee to cover food costs. Contact schola for more information about location and other questions.

8)  July 18-22 -- Latin In A Week  in Lancaster, PA. (instructor Wes Callihan). Sponsored by Veritas Academy  (Contact Veritas for information on fees and registration)

9) August 8-10 -- Credenda/Agenda's First Annual Trinity Festival.

10) August 11-13 -- Schola Summer Academy  *EVENT PAGE WITH PHOTOS*

11) August 19-21 -- Mr. Callihan consulting at St. John of Damascus Academy in Santa Barbara, CA

12) August 29-September 2 -- First week of Schola classes (see Schola's academic calendar)

13) September 29-October 2 -- Mr. Callihan speaks at Hanover College (alumni Stephanie Rathbun attending) (and drops in on the Abrahams)

13) October 7-8 -- Mr. Callihan speaking at Christian Leadership Academy

14) October 28-November 5 -- Mr. Callihan goes with the Abrahams to Cairo, Egypt

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