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About Classical Education in General
Preparing the Young for a Great Books Classical Education: Curriculum suggestions for preparing younger children for a Great Books-based course of study in their teens. 
Educating Yourself (It's *Never* Too Late): For adults who find that their own education missed the elements of classical education; who want to pursue the great books, the languages, etc. that they hope to teach their children; who want their own minds to stay active.

An Annotated Bibliography... : ...of Works On Classical Education Organized Somewhat Chronologically (Ancient, Renaissance, and Modern; Eclectic, Arbitrary, and Incomplete).

Classical Christian Homeschooling "...dedicated to classical educational theory and its practical application in grades K-12 for homeschooling families." An excellent all around resource. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

General Book Resources

Canon Press is an excellent resource for Classical and Christian education in private schools and homeschools. Free print catalog available also. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Greek and Roman Classics for Children has a wide variety of materials on the ancient Greek and Roman worlds for children.

Greenleaf Press Home Page, one of the best catalogs for homeschoolers, has a very good listing of classically-related books for young children, including language and history texts. Free print catalog available also.

All Through the Ages by Christine Miller is a guide to experiencing history using literature rather than textbooks. Using this exhaustive guide to over 3000 of the best in quality “living books” and literature, and a library card, a homeschool or other parent or educator can effectively teach their children both World and American History regardless of their childrens’ grades or reading levels.


Dorothy Sayers' "The Lost Tools of Learning" is the essay (originally a speech) that catalyzed the new classical Christian education movement. It was originally delivered at Oxford University and later reprinted in National Review and other publications. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Neil Postman's speech "Informing Ourselves to Death" is a powerful warning about the influence that computers, the internet, and similar information technology exert on our culture and worldview. His perspective wonderfully complements Sayers' argument--the classical education she argues for is a response to degeneration of thought and culture that Postman laments.


Escondido Tutorial Service is Fritz Hinrichs' Great Books-based tutorial service. His essay "Why Classical Education" is a very good elaboration of Sayers' article and a useful description of the philosophy of classical Christian education. Fritz has a very good listing of resources for classical education besides his own outstanding series of internet tutorials. 

Essay Writing Services: A Resource for Students * Essay Writing Help * Essay Writers.   "Since the early 80's homeschooling and afterschooling parents have told me they need a little extra help with their children's writing. And adults have confided their uncertainty about their own writing. Some want a way to outsource writing process, others just want an 'essay sample,' and still others don't know where to start. Since 2010, Fresh Esasys has helped."

The Institute for Excellence in Writing "Our mission is to make available the Structure and Style Writing Program to home school parents and school teachers across the United States; to develop and provide supplementary materials for those who use this method; and to provide a forum for the research and development of effective means of teaching writing to children." IEW provides an outstanding service for the teaching of writing. The courses take students who have training in English grammar and teach them the skills and art of writing from the sentence to the essay level. Excellent preparation for Rhetoric. 



Veritas Press "We are a full service curriculum provider for classical Christian schools and home schools and an official curriculum provider of ACCS (10% discount to ACCS members). We provide telephonic consulting and curriculum design service, and we make available (at no cost) the curriculum guide to Veritas Academy's grammar school (K-6th grades). We have developed a history and Bible curriculum ideally suited for the grammar years." The Veritas history/Bible curriculum is wonderfully useful. Check this site out if you need help with grammar-level (elementary) history. 

Latin and Classics on the Internet

Study guide for Wheelock's Latin is a chapter by chapter explanation of grammar for those who are not well-versed in English grammar and terminology.

Vocabulary List for Wheelock's Latin -- useful for review, self-testing, and reference in studying Latin via Wheelock. 

Bolchazy-Carducci is an outstanding resource for language and classical studies; grammars, texts, and homeschool resources. All are located on their web page and in their free print catalog. 

Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology Home Page and Electronic Resources for Classicists are two of the most complete and well organized link pages for all things on the Web relating to the study of the ancient world. 

The Online Medieval and Classical Library is an excellent central collection of links to other sites which house online texts of the great literary works of ancient and medieval culture. 


Logic on the Net

Constructing a Logical Argument is a brief overview of some logical principles, formal arguments, fallacies, etc. The website is "The Atheism Web" (!) so it is obviously biased against Christianity, and good students of logic and apologetics ought to be able to demolish the very atheism he touts, but it is a clear and very useful presentation of the rules of valid argument.

Rhetoric on the Net

Rhetoric and Composition Carnegie-Mellon University's rhetoric page, the most valuable aspect of which is the links to classical rhetoric texts and to other text archives.

See SCHOLA's "software" page for discussion of the software ETS and SCHOLA use for tutorials.

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