Schola LATIN IN A WEEK -- Bluemont, Virginia -- June 26-30, 2006

First contact Schola Classical Tutorials by e-mail ( or to check space availability.  After space is confirmed by email, print, fill out, and mail this form with your check - the tuition fee is $500.  This does not cover transportation, room and board, or material.  Register each student on a separate form.  All you need is a copy of Wheelock's Latin, 6th edition and a notebook and pen.  For information about housing or directions to the class location, contact Kathy Weitz (  Make checks payable to "Schola Classical Tutorials".  Mail this form with payment to Schola Classical Tutorials, P.O. Box 546, Potlatch, ID 83855

Student's full name__________________________________________________________________

Both parents' full name (if minor) _______________________________________________________

Student's Age (if minor) ______________________________________________________________ 

Street Address ____________________________________________________________________ 

City, State, Zip code ________________________________________________________________ 

Phone Number ____________________________________________________________________ 

E-mail Address (both student and parent, if applicable)_______________________________________ 

How did you hear about these courses?__________________________________________________ 

Describe any previous language experience ________________________________________________ 

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