Getting Started

I. Preparing for Schola classes (please go through all the steps below):
1. Read Schola's yearly CALENDAR (keep an eye on it for fee due dates, holidays, and re-registration dates)
2. Get your COMPUTER ready for classes: software setup, troubleshooting, virus cautions, etc.
3. Get YOURSELF ready for classes:
a. Purchase required BOOKS (please wait until you are instructed to order - by the end of June)
b. Check CLASS ROSTERS to see that you are signed up in the right class (you'll get a link when you register)
c. See the WEEKLY SCHEDULE to see when your class meets
d. See class SYLLABUS pages: assignments and other information for class (you'll get a link when you register)
c. Learn STUDY tips and EXPECTED CONDUCT in class
II. Staying Informed and In Touch
1. FAQ (frequently asked questions about Schola)
3. RESOURCES page for classical education and homeschoolers
4. Discussion FORUMS for students (you'll get a link when you register)

Schola Homepage (including contact information)

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