Because of the success of Greek In A Week and Greek In A Week 2, this summer Schola sponsored Latin In A Week. Mr. John Schwandt taught the class, which met daily at his house in Moscow, Idaho. Class ran from 8:00 a.m. till 6 p.m. each day. John took the students all the way through Wheelock's 40 chapters of grammar, an astounding pace of about 7-8 chapters per day, and they learned around 100 vocabulary words per day. By Friday afternoon the students were translating unedited passages from Caesar, Cicero, and Nepos, the Lord's Prayer, and fables from Phaedrus. The students found plenty to entertain themselves in the evenings to relax their stretched brains: Wednesday evening they came out to the Callihan farm for a bonfire and running around in the fields, Thursday night they watched a movie at the Amos home, and Friday they visited the mall. They also enjoyed the local Christian coffeehouse in the evenings.

The LIAW 2001 students were Drew Howell (IN), Caitlin Sandham (OH), Jennifer Walker (OH), Ben Finnegan (NM), Doug Piehl (WA), Kathryn Callihan (ID), Emily Callihan (ID), Devon Williams (WA), Jaime Huffmaster (MO), Josh Baer (NM), and Lisa Williams (WA).

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Each day class began outside while it was cool, often starting in the sun in the front of Mr. Schwandt's house. As the morning became warmer, the group would move to the backyard to continue class in the shade.


Mr. Schwandt had the students frequently pair up, mixing people constantly for variety, in order to study vocabulary:

Devon Williams and Ben Finnegan

Drew Howell and Emily Callihan

Jaime Huffmaster and Caitlin Sandham

Josh Baer and Doug Piehl

Kate Callihan and Jennifer Walker

There is a morning and an afternoon break, during which Mrs. Schwandt kept the students supplied with snacks and drinks.

In the afternoon, when it got too warm outside, class would move into Mr. Schwandt's classroom or living room.

Mr. John Schwandt with John Owen Schwandt

Mrs. Tabitha Schwandt with John Owen

The students exchanged email addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses, and possibly  shoe sizes on the last afternoon.


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